Loneliness in the elderly: helping out during Diwali

Lady Jenkin, Bob Blackman MP, Baroness Verma, Lord Dholakia and Lady Dholakia at the launch of Great British Chai Party

The elderly are particularly vulnerable, especially under the current pandemic situation and they will likely face self-isolation for months. 

To help lonely or socially isolated elderly people in our community,  this Diwali,  Kiran Bhanaut and Sushma Bhanot, the co-founders of The British Chai Party, distributed Diwali hampers in East and West London.  The Diwali hampers have been delivered at the doorsteps of elderly homes, ensuring Covid secure measures were strictly followed.

The receipients of the Diwali hampers were very touched and felt valued especially during the lockdown when loneliness is even more prevalent.

Diwali is the Festival of Light celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists. It is a time of happiness and celebrations and families and friends getting together, however, due to the lockdown family and friends get-togethers were not possible this year resulting in a lot of the Asian elderly community to spend Diwali at home alone.

 By distributing the Diwali Hampers the organisers Sushma and Kiran made a small effort to spread the message of hope, happiness and care to our elderly community. Some photos of the Diwali hampers distribution are on the attached sheet.

Sushma and Kiran have been instrumental since the first lockdown in keeping the elderly community engaged by organising Zoom meetings with the elderly enabling them to have social interaction with others by sharing songs, poems etc, and they are committed to doing more similar events to tackle loneliness and isolation in the elderly.


It has been particularly difficult during the  Covid period for the elderly in our community who have felt even more isolated than before. This charity was set up to address loneliness and isolation in the elderly by Kiran Bhanaut and Sushma Bhanot.

For further information contact:

Kiran Bhanaut 07713984994

Sushma Bhanot 07939976859

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  1. Such amazing work. Every little bit helps. I’m sure your recipients are very grateful for the bags of food. Well done ladies. 👏

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